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Wooden Dipped Cones, Y’all


Camp’s Dairy Queen Series: S, M, L Dipped Cones
Purchase from our store to have your very own Texas stop sign icon.

Closed October 20-24.

Sorry, friends. We are closed October 20-24. We will be open October 25.

Nathaniel Russell Opening on Saturday

Join us for Nathaniel Russell’s PEACE POEM exhibition. Opening is Friday, October 9, 9-11 p.m.
We will close the night out over here.

PEACE POEM is a collection of new work by Nathaniel Russell. The woodcuts, silkscreens, and drawings in the exhibit are banners for an imaginary parade, picket signs at a protest that hasn’t happened, signs for movies not made, books unwritten, and promotional posters for the present moment. This body of work continues an exploration of hope, connection, and being though simplicity, humor and the balance of dark and light.


Closed September 5 – 18

Hi. We are gearing up for Fall events.
We are closed for inventory and a little breathing room September 5-18.

In case we miss you, have fun and enjoy our town.

Dear friend and customer …

We are closed Tuesday, May 10-Friday, May 27.
We are sorry about this. We are a mom and pop shop and life calls.



Wrong Marfa store and gallery will be closed January 31-February 25.
Sorry. We love our clients and hope you can visit again.


Upcoming events

Join us THIS Sunday, January 24, 4-6 for a closing reception for Alia Shawkat.

Alia will be in attendance with poet Jacqueline Suskin.

Come get a drawing and a poem.
It’s going to be quite an event!

Wrong Marfa is closed Jan. 30 – Feb. 25. I repeat, CLOSED for the month of February.

We will kick off the spring with an art opening with Yard Dog Art​ on March 5.

March 11 we are hosting Ballroom Marfa​’s Marfa Myths with harpist Mary Lattimore. Yes, harpist! 5 p.m.

March 12, Basha Burwell​ will be here for a pop up. We all love Basha! Working on times.

Borderline Greatness — Camp Bosworth Catalogue

Now available!

Buy online >>




Alia Shawkat @ Wrong

Alia Shawkat’s drawings will be on exhibition @Wrong through January. Check back for details on the artist’s reception — sometime in January.



We will be open Thanksgiving weekend roughly noon to 4/5 on Friday and Saturday.
Closed Wednesday, November 25 and Thanksgiving Day.

Two more weeks to see Chuck and George’s installation.

Alex Marks Exhibition

On view through October 3 is Alex Marks’ sublime and sexy photographs of White Sands shot during a full moon.
Each image sucks the viewer in with surprising details. These still photographs move.

Opening is September 18, 7-9 p.m.


Traveling this way?

Wrong has some sweet plans for the remainder of 2015 and 2016.
August/September 2015: photography by Alexander Marks. Exhibition party on September 18.
October/November 2015: Chuck & George’s Texas Wildflowers and Roadkill. Opening is October 9, 9-11 p.m. Maybe a wedding too!
December/January: solo show by Joe Yorty
February 2016: Closed for a big birthday trip!
March/April 2016: Collaboration with our friends at Yard Dog Austin.
May 2016: Solo show by Ricardo Ruiz
October 2016: Solo show by Nathaniel Russell

We are still working on 2016 but please plan to check out our shows while you are here.


Heads up.
We will be closed July 9 – 20.
Sorry to miss you.

Butch Anthony in the House!

Artist Butch Anthony’s “It Ain’t Dying I’m Talking About, It’s Living” will be up through the end of April.


Heartpine hearts for your poohbear.

These custom pocket hearts can have your favorite sweet nuthin on them. It’s a constant reminder of your sweet love.

Order now:  gonewrong@wrongmarfa.com


Open All Week!

The Wrong Store is open every day this week, noon to 5. December 29 – 31. Come on by!
Closed New Year’s Day, but check. Open January 2-4.

Ben Medansky Ceramics

We are now offering Ben Medansky Ceramics.

We particularly love these two pieces:
Morning Wood and Peace Pipe

Skull Show! 2.

Yes. This will be on view:

Skull Show!

The artists’ goods are arriving for our Skull Show. Opening on October 10, 9-11 p.m. @wrongmarfa.

ABOUT LINES by William Vizcarra

Wrong will be exhibiting William Vizcarra’s lovely sculptures:
August 29 – September 28
Reception:  August 29, 7-9 p.m.

About Lines is William’s study into the duality properties of lines in relation to contrasting mix-media.
His use of concrete, paper and ink are inspired by Japanese calligraphy lines, woodcuts and the process of repetition.

Vizcarra is from Ciudad Juárez and we are lucky to have him here.


See Wrong Store

We have new tees. Local humor.
Come on in and get ’em. Going online soon.

Tito’s & Tipsy Texan & Tacos

Come on over April 10, 7-8:30 p.m. for Tito’s Vodka, Tipsy Texan cocktails and Fat Lyle’s Tacos.
There will be live music by Shawn Pander.

There will be a suggested door donation of $5 and every dollar collected will go to Grand Companions.

Joi & Nick bring Specimens to Wrong.

Drop by and see their work through April 24.

Pinterest is Coming to Town!

Pinterest is having a local meet-up in Marfa, Texas and we are so happy to be hosting them.

We’ve invited Anthony Desimone to provide charcuterie for the event. We will have many selections of Camp Bosworth’s cheeseboards for sale too.
Please join us for an evening of good food, good wine with our San Fran friends.

Sign up!

Recent logo designs

Logos created for Don’t Fence Me In, a Marfa company creating beautiful tumbleweed lights


West Texan, a lovely Marfa rental on West Texas Street


We love Lucchese. We have boots to prove it.

Sweet Lucchese article about Marfa. We appreciate Caitlin and Casey!

photographs by Casey Dunn.

Play this.

We love these installation shots by Alex Marks.

Ghetto Blaster

Our Boombox Project will be up through the end of February.


We can’t wait.

Camp’s boombox sculptures and Lyle Owerko’s stunning photographs of the machines themselves.
Friday, October 11, 7-10 p.m.

DJ 2nd Sandwich will be working the break dance numbers.

Wrong Delivery

Hey Jen:

If you see this, we will forward to Dwight for you. We appreciate your business and we are so happy you loved the town. Come back and see us.

buck + camp

We love Heyd

The Wrong Store and Gallery will be showing a collection of work from Texas artist Heyd Fontenot. The opening is Friday, June 28, 6-9 p.m. at 110 W. Dallas.

The exhibit is a collection of recent works-on-paper and paintings from the artist. These figurative artworks are a utopian mediation. Avoiding professional models, the artist recruits his friends and artistic peers to model for him, over time building a comprehensive portrait of his social circles over the last two decades. Fontenot has often expressed his deep appreciation that people are willing to be a part of his studio practice as such and notes the impossibility of creating the body of work without this display of cooperation. He calls this work a collaboration between himself and his community.

Heyd Fontenot is director of CentralTrak, an international artists’ residency program and exhibition space located in Dallas, Texas.

Whatever medium he chooses, Fontenot usually revisits the themes of sexuality and morality producing joyful and playful works that nonetheless subtly undermine dominant cultural perceptions. In his own words, “If there is a radical nature to sexuality, it lies not in its ability to titillate, but rather in its inherent powers of spiritual transformation.”

Fontenot is an active exhibiting artist who is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas and by Inman Gallery in Houston. His work is included in the upcoming Texas Biennial Anniversary Exhibition in Aug/Sept of 2013, as a three-time Texas Biennial artist.

Yep. We were on 60 Minutes.

Morley Safer & Co. came to Marfa and they fell in love with it.
You can watch the video here:

Camp’s Security Camera

Check out this wonderful home featuring Camp’s carved wood and gold leaf security camera. (That big photo is a photo of Camp too!)


AKs completed for a private collector.
Carved wood, gold and silver leaf.
Each is 84″ x 24″ x 6″.

To see more of Camp Bosworth’s work, please visit: http://www.campbosworth.com

A Black Worth Seeing

Joshua Saunders on view until end of May.
Drop on by and see these gorgeous, sink-into-them images.

Red Ants Pants in Marfa town!

We are hosting Miss Sarah Calhoun’s Red Ants Pants at a pot luck dinner at the Wrong store on March 7, 6-8 p.m.

She’s coming from the other big sky country, Montana and I’d love to give her a sweet Marfa welcome. Her work pants are cool!

Please join us:

March 7
6-8 p.m.
110 W. Dallas
Marfa, TX

Bring a covered dish and your fun attitudes! The boys are welcome too!

With a little help from our friends …

With a little help from our friends, we rescued this tumbleweed. Holiday surprise!

It’s Tumbleweed Season.

Hey Washington and Colorado!

The perfect hide-out for your goodies!
All wood, gold paint, gold leaf. Available in all gold, yellow or orange with gold leaf.
$100 to make someone really happy.

Purchase now.


1955 Levi’s.

GIANT was filmed in Marfa, Texas in 1955. It’s only fitting we sell the Levi’s Vintage Collection 501 / 1955 model. This jean is the quintessential 1950’s shape and we can promise this:  James Dean would approve.
Design details:  Cone Mills 12 oz. Red Selvedge denim, two backpockets with covered rivets, two horse leather-like patch and double sided big “E” red Tab.

The new and improved Wrong store opens next week!

1890 Levi’s.

We are pleased to announce we are selling Levi’s Vintage Collection.
Marfa was established in 1886. To commemorate that “riveting” time, we are now offering Levi’s 1890 501 jean.
The 1890 501 jean was the first style created after the rivet patent expired the same year. It’s made with 9 oz. denim from the Amoskeag Mfg. Co.
Details:  1 back pocket with exposed rivets, a cinch, suspender buttons, two horse leather patch and a crotch rivet. These are shrink to fit and perfect.

The Wrong store opens next week!

Wrong is Nylon.

There’s a sweet blurb about the Wrong Store in the September issue of Nylon. Thanks Mallory Rice!

Camp completes Loyola Chicago shields.

Camp did the final touches before they shipped. They are going Loyola Chicago’s new Cuneo Hall.

Hello, my name is SAAVEDRA @ WRONG

Hello, my name is SAAVEDRA.

The Wrong Store proudly presents a one-day exhibition / trunk show of work by multimedia artist Ed Saavedra. Best known for painting and assemblage, Saavedra is also senior creative co-conspirator for FL!GHT – a contemporary art space in San Antonio now celebrating a decade of monthly shows and side projects. In the past two years, Saavedra has exhibited in Mexico City (MX), New Orleans (LA), Madrid (ES), Houston (TX), Lubbock (TX), Trujillo (PE), and Santa Monica (CA). His work has been featured in the the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio Museum of Art (permanent collection), Institute of Texan Cultures, Museo de Arte Moderno, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, and Art Lies: A Contemporary Art Journal.

Who?: Ed Saavedra
What?: Hello, my name is SAAVEDRA.
Huh?: a one-day exhibition / trunk show of paintings, serigraphs, t-shirts, more
How much?: art from $20-$5000
Where?: The Wrong Store (www.wrongmarfa.com), 107 S. Dean, Marfa, TX
When?: noon-8pm Friday, April 20, 2012 ***ONE DAY ONLY***
More?: www.edsaavedra.com


In love with Lucy today and every day.

Creative friends

This winter season, the Wrong store has been hosting our super talented friend Basha Burwell. Not only is she a great art director and stylist with all-around amazing personal style, she makes amazing jewelry. The Wrong store will be offering her special line through March. If you are in Marfa, drop by and see us. Or, you can check her out at www.bashaburwell.com


Plata o Plomo

Don’t miss Camp Bosworth’s Plata O Plomo show at the Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art. It runs through April 1.

Wrong Again

Two of our favorites at Wrong.

Jen Siska’s Marfa photos

Beautiful shots of Marfa by Jen Siska.

New Hats at Wrong

Our dear friend Cassie MacGregor made burlap Wrong hats.
We love these!

Available Chinati Weekend at the Wrong store.

Bye-Bye Crown Victoria

Two guys pulled up today and tied a rope between the LTD Crown Victoria and a big Ford truck. They towed it away. Happy and sad to see it go.

The Turkeys and us.

The local celebrity Turkeys are in charge. Wish you could have seen the SUV driver going postal. He had a sense of humor failure.

Love the Chinati interns.

One of the great things about Marfa is the comings and goings of Chinati interns.
Our 2011 favorite intern has been Molly. We are going to miss her sweet smile and oh, those long distance miles.

This is how we carpool in Marfa.

Sonic Fabric Custom Editions Project

Sonic Fabric

Our friend, Alyce Santoro:
1. Makes the coolest fabric
2. Sends great, wacky emails with phrases like “Reality as Exquisite Cacophony”
3. Is looking for sponsors
4. Was just featured in Rolling Stone.

Just plain wrong.

No, we did not get this from the Get Go, but we are delighted to hear about their new, organic produce selection!
This came out of the sweet garden of MUD friends. Thanks, Emily for knowing Wrong when you see it.

We swear we aren’t complaining but …


Marfa is generally cooler than this in August.
It ain’t Dallas heat. It ain’t Houston heat. It ain’t ol’ EP heat, but it’s still hot for us.
Pray for Rain.

Plata o Plomo

Plata o Plomo is in Marfa.

Giant GIANT photos

Giant the Movie photos

Rock with no shirt.

The Wrong store is offering four original and gorgeous photos from the shooting of GIANT.
Any of the four can be purchased 44″ x 44″.

Not to rub it in …

But Marfa is nice and cool. The doors and windows are open and it’s lovely here.

Wish you were here.

Camp Clouds

Camp clouds at Wrong

The Tequila Tower was looking a little nekkid. Today, we added clouds.

Taste the Difference

Even though we have an ice maker, we love Marfa ice. We’ve become a little obsessed with it.

A Texas Icon

Lone Star

This might be the best beer can Camp has ever carved.

Open for Online Business

Tiny Foundation


The Adventures of Three Lucky Turkeys

Image Courtesy of Jim Fissel

They’ve stopped traffic.
They’ve attacked a cyclist.
They’ve posed, modeled, smiled for the camera.
The wild turkeys came to Marfa and stayed.

Check out the most popular post ever on Marfalist.org.

The Best Epitaph in the World

To the next friend who provides a photo of him/herself at this tombstone in the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, we’ll send a Breakfast Head.