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Marfa Recs and Visiting Marfa

Visit us at the Wrong store, 110 W. Dallas St. To find the Wrong store: go to the main blinking light where 90/67 intersect. Go one block south to Dallas St. and turn right. We are in the next block — old church building with a giant, orange neon horseshoe sign in front.

If you really wanna join the family: stay at Faxonia!

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First and foremost: do not speed anywhere near the Big Bend area/Marfa. It can be Highway Patrol central out here.
A drive in ANY direction is absolutely gorgeous and epic.

Also remember drive times out here: To the Big Bend it’s a good 2 hour drive. The Gage/Marathon to Marfa is 1 hour.

Bring hats, plenty of sunscreen and a jacket because we are nearly a mile high. And lotion galore!

Our very own homegrown public radio is Marfa Public Radio at 93.5. Tune in! It’s loved!

Pick up a Big Bend Sentinel or check out Big Bend Now for what’s happening. We love our weekly newspaper.

Need a ride or want to find out what is going on in town:  Marfalist.org is the go to site.

Plan to climb to the top of the courthouse and see the edge of town in all directions. It’s a real treat.

Mondays and Tuesdays are NOT, (we repeat NOT) the best days to visit. Most of the town is shut down.

Food and booze:
We have the sweet Get Go Grocery and it’s wonderful. We are happy to report that Porter’s Grocery is rockin’ it too. Thank you!

Krista is back! Stellina is open! We love having the gal back in town. Tues-Sat, 5 – 10ish. Downtown between railroad and Hotel Paisano.

We LOVE what Rocky is doing at the Capri. It’s original. It’s ambitious. It’s wonderful. And that room and garden are gorgeous. 601 W SAN ANTONIO

For  dinner: call Cochineal for dinner reservations: 432.729.3300.

Definitely hit the Food Shark for lunch. It’s now located west San Antonio at FM2810 across from the rock shop. It’s a Marfa jewel and loved by all. Open Wednesday – Saturday.

Jett’s Grill: eat the chicken-fried steak. The margaritas are rockin’! Sit in the courtyard. Now selling breakfast burritos. Jett’s is now serving dinner until 10 during the week and 11 on weekends.

Hotel Saint George offers a bar menu and a restaurant menu. Make reservations for the restaurant. 432-729-3700.

The Pizza Foundation is open most weekends. Opens at 1.

For morning coffee or an ice cream or a load of laundry, check out FRAMA next to Tumbleweed Laundry.

Go to Do Your Thing for a wonderful coffee.  Check Marfalist for their hours.

Bet you’ve always wanted a subterranean teepee, a cool dance floor under the stars and great nachos all in one place. Head to Planet Marfa. It’s open seasonally (warm months) and loved by all. It’s a great place to rent for a big, private party. Friday through Sunday.

For a burrito bigger than yo’ face: go to the Burrito Lady. She’s south of the blinking light 3-4 blocks and the sweetest person on the planet. She is CONSISTENTLY OPEN.  Vicente might be next door doing tacos by night and juice by day.

Salsa Puedes food truck is open at the Lost Horse Saloon. Variety of tacos including fried avocado. It seems she’s open most days now for lunch. Fat Lyle’s is back at this location on Sundays serving their beloved fried chicken.

Celebration Liquor is on the west side of town on HWY 90/San Antonio. Their selections are definitely improving and good.

For a lovely selection of wine, stop by Naluna — downtown and next to The Well.

Lost Horse Saloon for a fun time and a beer.

Food Shark Grilled Cheese:  Friday and Saturday nights 9:30 p.m. to 1:30.

El Cosmico’s bar. We recommend staying at El Cosmico. It’s fun. Great staff and great vibe. Nice gift store too.

Saturday mornings (no winter):  Farm Stand Marfa, 9:30 a.m. Go to Alicia’s table and buy a jar of her green chile/salsa. Amazing. If Jackie is there, do not miss her Peach Preserves. We swear these are the best preserves on the planet! Or purchase Marfa Maid goat cheese. Located across from Hotel Saint George on the tracks.

Boyz2Men now at the former Grilled Cheese Parlour location.  Check Marfalist.org for re-opening schedule.

MarPho is open. Friday to Tuesday, 11-3. Happy hour 4-7 with wings and such. Far west San Antonio/HWY 90.



Most definitely a tour at Chinati Foundation (they are the reason!) — 432.729.4362 to make reservations. The tour is 10-noon and 2 – 4, Wed-Sun. Different stuff so the full tour is recommended.

Judd Foundation:  you gotta do the Block tour. Every day at 4:30. Yes. EVERY DAY IN MARFA.

Ballroom Marfa: 432.729.3600. Great staff.

Marfa Contemporary sits smack dab in the center of town and has several exhibitions throughout the year.

Arber and Sons: on the railroad tracks facing the new hotel events building. He’s a master printer and she’s an artist. Their space is great.

Camp Bosworth: yes, come by.

Laszlo Thorsen-Nagel at 124 E El Paso St. We are big fans of Laszlo’s work.

2D Gallery: lovely gallery space and such a sweet owner.

New Star Grocery Art Museum: down the street from us on Dallas St.

Don’t miss a Lannan reading at the Marfa Book Co. Always good and attended by a lovely, local crowd.

Marfa and Presidio County Museum


Visit us at the Wrong store, 110 W. Dallas St. To find the Wrong store: go to the main blinking light where 90/67 intersect. Go one block south to Dallas St. and turn right. We are in the next block — old church building with a giant, orange neon horseshoe sign in front.

Mano Mercantile:  Sweet Beau and GG are the best! 120 E. El Paso. Wed-Sunday 11-5. It’s a gorgeous store.

Where Buck likes to spend her $$$: Communitie. Love, love that John Patrick & Walter.

Hit Moonlight Gemstones Rock Shop — west side of town on the main highway. It’s the best rock shop ever!

Hit Cobra Rock across from Ballroom. Their Highland Boot just gets better and better with time.  Open on Saturdays only.

Pick up a bar of Marfa Brand soap in numerous locations in town. Campfire is Camp’s fave. Ranch Road is Buck’s. If her store is open, drop in and meet Ginger.

The Marfa Thrift Store can have some great finds. In the Old Dollar General building near the Thunderbird.

Freda is just around the corner and we love Susannah.


Get a massage from Suzi or Mallory at The Well. They are amazing! The Well offers yoga classes too. Right there is Naluna and they sell a lovely selection of wines. Now offering haircuts, facials by Luann, monthly chiropractic appts. and more.

Take a walk or run on FM 2810 or go to the North End of Austin for the Dixon Water roads/trails. Gorgeous views.

Coming with a group? Check out Ranch 2810. Just sit in that big living room and admire the view of the Davis Mountains. Gorgeous.

Check out our gym and train with the sweetest guy on the planet, Alan. Alan’s Iron Heart Fitness is a gift. Downtown across from Hotel Paisano.

Get sick in Marfa? Bee sting? Go to Marfa Country Clinic.

Open an account at the best bank ever. Our bank President Chip Love is the best bank President on the planet.

Make a record at Marfa Recording.

See ANYTHING at the Crowley Theater.

Take Oak St. (next to post office) to the Marfa dump/east. Some of the best views in Marfa.

Drop by our place, absolutely. Get a tour of Camp’s studio in the oldest church in Marfa. Get married here.

Most importantly:  Wave in Marfa. We wave to one another because it’s a friendly place. So, wave back!