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Tito’s & Tipsy Texan & Tacos

Come on over April 10, 7-8:30 p.m. for Tito’s Vodka, Tipsy Texan cocktails and Fat Lyle’s Tacos.
There will be live music by Shawn Pander.

There will be a suggested door donation of $5 and every dollar collected will go to Grand Companions.

Joi & Nick bring Specimens to Wrong.

Drop by and see their work through April 24.

Pinterest is Coming to Town!

Pinterest is having a local meet-up in Marfa, Texas and we are so happy to be hosting them.

We’ve invited Anthony Desimone to provide charcuterie for the event. We will have many selections of Camp Bosworth’s cheeseboards for sale too.
Please join us for an evening of good food, good wine with our San Fran friends.

Sign up!

Recent logo designs

Logos created for Don’t Fence Me In, a Marfa company creating beautiful tumbleweed lights


West Texan, a lovely Marfa rental on West Texas Street


We love Lucchese. We have boots to prove it.

Sweet Lucchese article about Marfa. We appreciate Caitlin and Casey!

photographs by Casey Dunn.

Play this.

We love these installation shots by Alex Marks.

Ghetto Blaster

Our Boombox Project will be up through the end of February.


We can’t wait.

Camp’s boombox sculptures and Lyle Owerko’s stunning photographs of the machines themselves.
Friday, October 11, 7-10 p.m.

DJ 2nd Sandwich will be working the break dance numbers.

Wrong Delivery

Hey Jen:

If you see this, we will forward to Dwight for you. We appreciate your business and we are so happy you loved the town. Come back and see us.

buck + camp

We love Heyd

The Wrong Store and Gallery will be showing a collection of work from Texas artist Heyd Fontenot. The opening is Friday, June 28, 6-9 p.m. at 110 W. Dallas.

The exhibit is a collection of recent works-on-paper and paintings from the artist. These figurative artworks are a utopian mediation. Avoiding professional models, the artist recruits his friends and artistic peers to model for him, over time building a comprehensive portrait of his social circles over the last two decades. Fontenot has often expressed his deep appreciation that people are willing to be a part of his studio practice as such and notes the impossibility of creating the body of work without this display of cooperation. He calls this work a collaboration between himself and his community.

Heyd Fontenot is director of CentralTrak, an international artists’ residency program and exhibition space located in Dallas, Texas.

Whatever medium he chooses, Fontenot usually revisits the themes of sexuality and morality producing joyful and playful works that nonetheless subtly undermine dominant cultural perceptions. In his own words, “If there is a radical nature to sexuality, it lies not in its ability to titillate, but rather in its inherent powers of spiritual transformation.”

Fontenot is an active exhibiting artist who is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas and by Inman Gallery in Houston. His work is included in the upcoming Texas Biennial Anniversary Exhibition in Aug/Sept of 2013, as a three-time Texas Biennial artist.